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March 8, 1999

  • WORD documentation files

BJ Electric recently went live on their Clear/Path LX5220 and the Y2K release of the software. In addition to the increased processing power, it appears that I/O handling is significantly faster than on older comparable models of A series and Clear/Paths. For example, a large CANDE work file, like OE/010, saves in about 15 seconds. BJ is also starting to use ODBC (which is included on Clear/Paths) for Window's based report generating.

Meanwhile, our old friends at Standard Electric in Milwaukee recently made the switch over to the Eclipse system. For those sites that considered such a move and decided to stay put, you may find solace in the fact that the conversion has been accompanied by "much wailing and gnashing of teeth."

We are pleased to announce that the documentation has been completely converted to WORD, and updated to reflect the current Y2K release of Power Plus. It's possible there may be a few things in the docs that are not 100% up to date. If you or any of your users find such instances, please bring these to our attention just as you would program problems, and we will correct the doc files.

We are excited about the completion of this project because it provides the following benefits to our users:
  • The documentation can be more easily distributed among your users.
  • For those terminal users who have PC's, the doc files can be loaded on their workstation (or server) and standard search tools can be used to find screens, topics, etc.
  • It is now more feasible for individual sites to customize the documentation to match their mods and custom codes. For example, where the standard doc says "Enter a valid terms code", you could insert a list of the applicable terms codes for your site.
The screen portions of the terminal operators manuals are stored as bit maps. If you have had a screen modified, you could put your custom version in by bringing up the screen in terminal emulation, and then cutting and pasting it into the appropriate page in the cod file.

Here's a list of the WORD documentation files:
File Maintenance Screens
Inquiry Screens
Order Entry Screens
Purchasing & Inventory Control Screens
E-mail Screens
Accounts Receivable Screens
Accounts Payable Screens
General Ledger
File Maintenance Reference
Purchasing & Inventory Control Reference
Sales Analysis Reference
Accounts Receivable Reference
Accounts Payable Reference
General Ledger Reference
Dataset Dictionary
Procedures Aid Manual (How To)
File Name
Procedures Aid.doc
2159 KB
1577 KB
2833 KB
3299 KB
1090 KB
710 KB
1746 KB
615 KB
279 KB
230 KB
395 KB
101 KB
197 KB
110 KB
661 KB
211 KB
16.2 MB

Please contact Heidi (who by the way has worked arduously to get these docs converted to WORD) if you'd like a copy sent to you on diskette.