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April 27, 1999

  • News Updates

LaSalle Company recently went live on their LX5220 Clear/Path system. LaSalle's installation was kind of delayed because they wanted to first get their LAN installed. LaSalle also followed the route BJ Electric had gone with on their Clear/Path by completely eliminating poll/select hardware/software from the A series side. LaSalle is using two Comstat Quick II units to drive their T27 terminals. PSI is a COMSTAT dealer.

Brock-McVey and Hornung Pro Golf recently completed the migration to Y2K versions of their software (Hornung runs a combination of POWER PLUS and custom software). This pretty much completes the Y2K conversion process for PSI clients.

Brock-McVey also recently installed the Execusense Executive Information System. Brock uses FTP to transfer the data from their A14 to the Execusense PC. They are also our first site to install the network version of Execusense.

Laconia Electric recently installed the Fax module.

Springfield Electric recently went operational on VMI with Square D. Unlike Panduit and most VMI vendors, Square D uses the 856 EDI transaction set for ASN's and 810's for invoicing instead of 857's to handle both.

Starting with the first quarter of 1999, we will e-mail the standard patches for POWER PLUS on a quarterly basis. The first quarter's patches will be e-mailed tomorrow. Subsequent patch doc files will be sent around the 10th of the month after the end of each quarter. These docs will include the description of each patch and will be sequenced by program name. Such patches include program corrections and minor enhancements. Enterprising users should be able to cut and paste lengthy patches into their source files.

Also, for those users who lack either the time or the expertise, we also now offer the service of keying in the patches into your system on a monthly basis. Again, this would include corrections and minor enhancements, not major enhancements. Also, we would not install changes that require database reorgs unless separate plans are made. The charge for this service would be $120/month.