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June 22, 1999

  • Enhancements to POWER PLUS

Several enhancements to POWER PLUS have recently been completed:
  • We now track the origin source of each order. The field is RM-SOURCE and is updated as follows:

    • R = Regular order entry - OE01 screen
    • S = Short order entry - OE90 screen
    • C = Customer order entry - RSENTRY
    • B = Batch order entry (EDI) - OE/032 program
    • Q = Quote converted into order via OP91 screen
    • I = Inquiry converted into order - OE80 screen
    • X = automatic interbranch transfer - IN/044 program

  • The ability to recreate INVCRL and OIUPTE files for a specific date. These are the files that feed into invoice printing and the OE/504 and 501 sales registers. This enhancement is designed to address the situation where you don't discover for several days that you are missing reports or invoices. The new program is OE/131 and is run with WFL/OE/ENDOFDAY/RECREATE.

  • The partial item number search in single line order entry now automatically detects whether or not you are searching based on the item number (which starts with the vendor abbreviation) or just the catalog number (without the vendor abbreviation).

  • A new report has been developed that creates a detailed listing of miscellaneous line items for a date range. The report sorts by branch by miscellaneous acount number, giving subtotals for each account number. This report should be helpful for helping you track down where a miscellaneous subtotal on a daily or monthly sales register came from.

  • A new report has been developed listing new inventory items that have been created during a specified date range. The program is FM/699 and is run with WFL/FM/LIST/NEW/ITEMS.

  • The system now tracks the date that vendor master records and special one-time vendors are created. Also, a new report has been developed to list such file additions. The program is AP/605 and is run with WFL/AP/LIST/NEW/VENDORS.

  • We have combined the OCDB database used for the fax module into the main PLUSDB database. This was done for two reasons:
    • A lot of our users were either forgetting to backup the OCDB database, or just had trouble doing so unattended due to a lack of backup devices.

    • We are currently working on enhancements announced last summer to allow you to fax directly from the PO entry screen, and other PLUS screens. While DMSII allows you to invoke multiple databases within a program, there is a restriction that only one can be updated. Combining the two databases eliminates this problem.

Brock McVey recently installed the FAX module. Brock also announced plans to acquire a new location in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.

We have also installed the FAX module at our office in order to provide better support. This has already paid dividends as we have recently issued patches to resolve some long standing problems with line counting on multi-page faxes.