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July 20, 1999

  • More Enhancements have been completed

Two new users have gone live this summer. Both are small Chicago area distributors: Electric Warehouse, a start-up company based in Woodstock, IL, and All-Type Electrical Supply located in Chicago, right by White Sox park.

    More enhancements have been completed recently:
  • Mechanisms for effectively automating the interface to a bar-code or other shelf labeling package for new items. This enhancement consists of the following:

    • New permanent items created via the FM01, FM11, FM07 and FM09 screens are flagged as requiring a label.

    • Existing items that are changed from temporary to permanent or that have their DCI number changed are also flagged for label printing.

    • Items that are renumbered via the IMRENUMBER process are also flagged.

    • A new screen, FM04, has been developed that allows you to manually flag an item for label printing. This would be used, for example, when a label becomes worn out or defaced and needs to be replaced.

    • A new program, FM/916, has been developed which will extract all of the items that have their label flag set into a comma-delimited flat file. This flat file could then be imported into a package such as Bar-tender for printing bar code labels. The actual bar-code label print software would be your responsibility. This extract program could be run weekly, monthly or whatever. It will extract any items that have been flagged since the last run of the program. This program is run with WFL/FM/LABEL/EXTRACT.

  • A new inquiry, AI31, which allows you to call up the remittance advice, for a check number, on your screen.

  • When you fax vendor and customer documents from the PLUS database, the program will now by default pick up the fax number from the vendor or customer record. This eliminates having to use the pound codes (speed dial codes). You would still use pound codes if you were going to fax text, or if you wanted to fax the document to a third party, such as a rep.