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February 9, 2000

  • Enhancements Recently Completed

Enhancements recently Completed:

An old screen, EI10, has been restored. This is an inquiry that lists orders in use by station. This screen had been de-implemented by Advent a few years back when the database was redesigned. One important function of this screen is that it should be checked before you free an in-use order with OE/991. If you free an order that is in use at a station, the program (either OE/007 or OE/010) can abort when that station tries to continue on that order, or sometimes even when they start the next order. Prematurely freeing an order can also result in erroneous order values or similar problems.

A new report, OE/731, which lists out Future Ship Orders. Since these are often tied to houses being ready, you might want to use this report to call contractors to see if the date needs to be changed. The report contains a date-range selection parameter.

Brock McVey recently went live on their NX5621-31 Clear/Path system. They also switched all of their terminal network over to TCP/IP using COMSTAT Quick-2 boxes. In the process Lincoln Patrick of Brock solved a mysterious problem with printing via the T27 printer pass through in this environment. The T27's have to be firmware level 1.3 or higher in order for the printers to work. To check the firmware level on a T27, do

Ctrl + Space + V

Springfield Electric became our first customer to order the IDW Data-Mart product. Representatives from Triad are scheduled to assist Springfield in the installation later this month. PSI is a distributor for Datamart.