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May 1, 2000

  • More enhancements recently completed

More enhancements recently completed:

A new screen, SI70, which will display the monthly sales breakdown by category class for either an entire branch or the whole company.

In order entry, if you are trying to order an item number that does not exist in your warehouse file, but does exist at another branch, we now automatically "DUP" this item in as a temporary. This saves the step of going to another screen to do the FM11 to dup the item.

A new exception report (FM/516) of items that are on contracts with net pricing or net costing anytime a price or cost is changed. This new report should be a significant help in trying to find contracts that may need to be renegotiated as a result of the manufacturer's price change.

We are officially on for a Users' Meeting for Thursday - Friday, June 15-16th. The meeting will be at the Unisys Solution Center in Lombard, Illinois. This is right down the street from the Embassy Suites where we have held our last couple of meetings. We have a special rate of $134 per night available at the Embassy Suites, which includes complimentary breakfast and happy hour. Call the Embassy Suites at 630-969-7500. When you make your reservation, be sure to tell them you need the PSI group rate. Be sure to call by May 26th or we can't guarantee that the rate or the availability will be the same.

    Here's a preliminary list of topics to be covered:
  • Review of new features since last meeting
  • e-commerce session, including:
    • Trade Service Web Customer Service Center
    • Palm Pilot Remote Inventory Management
    • IDW (Industry Data Warehouse) Update
  • Using Infoaccess ODBC link
  • Rob Schreiner from Informediate (Execusense) will give a demonstration of their new "In Control" data warehousing package.
  • Bill Stickland from Unisys will provide us with a product update on Clear/Path hardware and software
  • Michelle Herrli from LaSalle Company will give a presentation on what her company has done with the DEPCON departmental print management system.
  • A short presentation on Thin Client Technology
  • User new feature suggestions

As always, there will be ample time for informal exchanges of ideas with other users. Also, in keeping with tradition, PSI will host a social outing of some sort on Thursday night. We haven't decided on quite what yet.

If anyone has any topics they'd like to add to the list, or would like to give a little presentation on a project or product they are using, please let us know.