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August 30, 2000

  • A few more enhancements

A few sites still have not sent in their enhancement request ballots. These were due the end of July. Please send in ASAP if you want you opinions to count.

In the meantime, we've gone ahead on a few enhancements that weren't on the ballot.

  • You can now specify a restocking percentage when entering returns. The system has always allowed you to enter a restocking charge on returns, but you had to calculate it out and enter the restocking charge amount on a miscellaneous (DB) line item. With this new option, the user no longer has to calculate the amount. The restocking percentage is taken off of the price of each line item, and is stored in the RI-MAN-DISC-MULT field.

  • A new option for entering scheduled shipments has been added. If you say YES to this new order header question, a new screen, OE40, is brought up for line item entry. This screen allows you to enter up to 12 different future ship dates for each item. (If you have more than 12 dates, you can enter the same item multiple times). Pick tickets and invoices only show the line items for a particular ship-date. When you do an OI10 inquiry, you have the option of looking at all the ship dates or just a specific one. We feel that this new feature obsoletes the Blanket Order system, which was cumbersome to use, requiring a whole separate set of screens and WFL's, etc.

  • A field has been added to the order header screen to allow you to record the name of the person who gives you the order, which is often helpful to know in addition to the PO number.

  • A new automatic subset of open PO headers has been added. This makes the II75 and II85 inquiries go faster. It will also speed up the II80 inquiry when the "open PO's only" option is selected.

  • Stock returns will now automatically lead into the PK11 screen for printing an acknowledgement of the return. This was actually on the ballot, but it was obvious from the early responses that almost everyone wanted this.