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November 15, 2000

  • We will be closed Friday, November 24th

Enhancements recently completed:

  • Ability to change the miscellaneous line item account number on the OM70 screen. This save the steps of having to delete and re-add if the miscellaneous line item was entered incorrectly.
  • A flag has been added to the inventory file to help control customer returns. The settings are as follows:
    • N = Nonreturnable - OE17 and OP20 will not allow you to process a return
    • P = Print nonreturnable - will just print the message "Nonreturnable" on pick tickets and invoices, but will allow you to process a return anyway.
    • R = Restocking Charge - will print the message "Restock Charge Applies on Returns" on the pick ticket and invoice. It is still up to you to charge it.
  • When on-demand faxes are sent, the sender will be notified on the 25th line (status line) if the fax does not go through successfully.
  • A new pricing analysis report has been developed (a sample is attached). This supercedes the old "Manual Pricing Analysis" report that was of limited usefulness. This new report is designed to give you a complete overview of how prevalent the different pricing methods are, and what the comparative gross margins are, segmenting the business into cash, stock and direct. For example, you can compare the percentage of lines that are manually priced across branch locations.

Hein Electric recently went live on their LX5220 Clear/Path system. Quoting Don Vaughan, "This thing is really fast".

Hein, BJ Electric, and Hornung Pro Golf recently teamed up with another Unisys shop for an Infoaccess ODBC class.

We will be closed Friday, November 24th as part of the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will check voice mail for emergencies. Have a Happy One!