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April 5, 2001

  • The Trade Power Web Customer Service Center interface has been completed

The Trade Power Web Customer Service Center interface has been completed. Extensive testing has been performed using simulated files, and the programs appear to be in fine shape. The software has been delivered to the first two sites that ordered WCSC - BJ Electric and Brock-McVey.

The initial release of our interface handles all of the functions (order and quote entry, price and availability inquiry, order status inquiry, and statement inquiry) except for the customer payment function.

The interface is targeted at release 4.0 of WCSC, which Trade Power recently released. The 4.0 release contained about 30 enhancements over the 3.0 release. Also, some things were done to speed up the screen painting.

Some little enhancements recently completed:
  • When faxes do not go through successfully, the sender is now notified on the status line (25th line) of terminal.
  • When inventory items are automatically "duped" from another warehouse during order entry, the user is now given an advisory warning that this has occurred. This should be helpful in environments where the replacement cost or other duped data may sometimes vary from one branch to another.
  • Since customer returns now automatically feed into the PK11 print screen, we thought it would be helpful to display a notification to the user that the return has been printed.
  • When you do an AI11 A/P invoice inquiry using the remit-to vendor, and the invoice has a different purchasing vendor number, the purchasing vendor's number and brief name will also be displayed. The opposite will also occur - if you inquire by purchasing vendor, it will now also show the remit-to vendor number and short name.

PSI recently sold a couple of LX100 kits to Hesco, a Chicago area user that runs an older heavily customized version of the Power Plus software. LX100 kits can be used to turn an NT or Windows 2000 PC into a Clear/Path development system. Sites that do a lot of compiles and testing may find this as a very cost effective way to offload this processing from the main system. Contact us for more details.

Springfield Electric recently began doing EDI Accounts Payable with Leviton. There were a lot of subtle issues with this implementation, but everything seems to be working fine now.

Our new secretary/office manager is Sandy B. Heidi will still do bookkeeping on a limited part-time basis. You can e-mail Sandy directly with questions about billing, documentation, etc. at

And, the winners of this year's NCAA tournament pool were:

1st place - Wayne H. - Hein Electric; 2nd place - Heidi.