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July 31, 2001

  • Springfield also announced the acquisition of MB Hall

Springfield Electric recently ordered an LX6150 Clear/Path System. This will now represent the most powerful system any of our users are on. Just as an example of how technology has changed, Springfield's system will have 1024MB of memory on it, of which at least 512MB will be allocated to the MCP side. Because of the fact the MCP is word oriented, this 512 translates to 384MB. In contrast, Springfield's first Unisys system, an A3, came with just 6MB. That's a difference of 64 times!

Springfield also announced the acquisition of MB Hall, an industrially oriented electrical distribution based in St. Louis. MB Hall is SESCO's largest acquisition to date and will become their 15th location.

At the other end of the spectrum, we are pleased to note that we have signed up another start-up company - F&R Electric Supply of Lake Villa, Illinois. F&R is starting out with just 4 stations. Some of you may remember one of the principals of F&R, Jeff Kunisch, who attended last year's users meeting.

Idlewood Electric recently ordered an LX6120 Clear/Path system, which is double the speed of their current NX4201-21. Like many of our users, Idlewood has enjoyed strong growth over the past several years due to a combination of acquisitions and steady growth at existing locations.

Brock-McVey is the first site to upgrade to release 6.0 of Power Plus. This latest release features the expanded order number which allows medium and larger sites to retain billed orders in the database for a longer period of time without the fear of overlapping numbers. By eliminating the order number rollover problem (or rectifying it if you've already rolled over), this feature also addresses the problems of OI35 not always sequencing most recent first and customer returns not always "attaching" to the most recent sale.