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September 25, 2001

  • Productivity improving enhancements have been recently completed

A couple of significant, productivity improving enhancements have been recently completed:

  • On the OE30 order entry screen, you can now designate a line item to be either transferred from another warehouse, or direct shipped from the vendor.

    When you complete the sales order, the system, in the background, will automatically create any transfer PO's and sales orders, and any direct PO's and sales orders. It will create one transfer per unique sending warehouse, and one direct per unique vendor abbreviation. In the case of directs, the line item on the original sales order is marked as cancelled, and a note saying "SEE DIRECT ORDER nnnnnnn" is attached.

    Your system can be optioned to create the transfers in a batch mode instead of at the end of each order. This would create fewer transfers, which would be beneficial in a busy environment.

  • A similar enhancement has been done with the PO55 automatic PO screen (when you are in the single item mode, which displays stock status at other branches). You can designate that a line item should be transferred instead of purchased. When this is done, the item is not put on the PO. Instead, transfers are created - again one per unique sending warehouse. As with the order entry system, you can either have it that the transfers are created at the end of each PO or in an automatic batch mode, which typically would result in fewer PO's.
In a minor enhancement, you can now fax from the PO55 automatic PO screen.

Both Springfield Electric and Idlewood Electric went live on their LX6000 systems over the past weekend. Both migrations were driven by the need for speed.

Springfield Electric also ordered the Trade Power Web Customer Service Center.