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February 18, 2002

  • New features recently completed

New features recently completed:

A general purpose inquiry (OI50) into sales order line item detail offering sequencing by any of the three primary sort keys that defined for the line item detail dataset: item number and whse; customer number and item number; order number. For example, suppose you were looking for a line item that you think was already one day last week. You could find the approximate starting order number for that day and plug it into the OI50 inquiry to start scanning line items from that point forward.

A new summary inquiry (SI75) into the vendor analysis file that shows several records per screen instead of one. You can list the info by either whse by vendor or vendor by whse. You can also summarize it overall for the whole company instead of breaking it out by branch.

A similar inquiry screen (SI85) that is by either branch and category class or vice versa. It also has the company summary option for multi-branch sites.

All of these new inquiries are designed to allow users to see more info on their screen rather than on reports. Sample screen shots are enclosed.

With this newsletter we are starting a new feature where we highlight some of the better phone support questions recently received:

Q: User didn't really want to print a pick ticket. Is there any way to "unpick" an order?

A: There are two ways:

  • 1. Usually the shorter method: Use OM35 to turn the order back into a quote. Then, use OP91 to release the quote back into an order.

  • 2. Use shipping feedback to zero out the quantity picked (if necessary). Use shipping feedback to create an early backorder. Then use shipping feedback again to cancel the original order.
With solution (2), the open order has an "A" suffix, whereas with the first solution it still is the original order number.

Q: I should not have charged tax. The customer wants a credit memo, so I can't just do AR09 to adjust off. What is the best way to handle this?

A: Enter a CRM type of order, which brings you into the miscellaneous line item screen. Enter two line items, one being a debit and the other being a credit, both for the same merchandise amount. Make the debit non-taxable, and the credit taxable. The debit and credit offset each other, and you wind up with just a tax credit. Not only should this satisfy the customer, but it will flow through your sales tax reporting properly.

Q: I entered a long sales order and then realized a bunch of the prices were wrong (due to a contract expiring or some other cause since fixed). Is there any easier way to fix than canceling the order and re-entering it? (There are a lot of line items).

A: Use OM35 to change the order back into a quote. Then use OP91 to copy the quote to the same customer number and say "Y" to "Reprice?".

Q: We shipped a customer some damaged merchandise, which he wishes to return for credit, but it's not worth it for us to pick it up; and we don't want to put it back in our inventory.

A: Simple. Whether you're doing an automatic or a manual return, there's one box for specifying the qty to credit and others to return the inventory either back into available or suspense. Just don't fill in either of these boxes, and you will simply credit the customer without affecting inventory.