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April 2, 2002

  • Newsletters will now be posted on our web site:
  • New enhancements recently completed
  • New Trade Power service option
  • NCAA Tournament Pool results

    This will be the final newsletter subject to a general mailing. From now on, newsletters will be posted on our web site: If you want to still receive a hardcopy instead, please contact Sandy, our office manager. Otherwise, just check the web site monthly. The past few years of newsletters will be accessible on this site. Also, the quarterly patches will be accessible on this site. This will allow you to pull in any changes you desire via the web site. Of course, installing the patches takes a certain level of expertise. So caution is advised.

    Several new enhancements have been recently completed:

  • Contracts by ship-to/job number. We've had various requests for this feature over the years. This will allow you to set up special pricing (and rebates) for a specific job for a customer. The pricing routine will first check for contracts for the specific job/ship-to number. If none is found, then it will look for contracts for the overall customer (ship-to = 0).
  • Ability to enter kits on vendor purchase orders. This works a little differently than on customer orders. The parent item of the kit will not appear on the purchase order. Rather, the kit item simply serves to explode the proper quantities of each component onto the purchase order. The components then get received individually.
  • A new report, SA/220, run with WFL/SA/NEWLY/ACTIVE. This report is designed to pinpoint those customers who have recently (within X days) bought from you who had not purchased anything in Y months. First time customers are also included. The idea is that customers who haven't bought for a while, but just starting to again, present a good marketing opportunity to follow up on. Perhaps they had problems dealing with another distributor, which are always fun to find out about. Perhaps the nature of their business has changed, etc.
  • A new screen, OM99, which will allow you to reset the order in-use flag. This screen: (a) Eliminates having to go into CANDE to run OE/991. (b) Will edit to make sure that the order is not assigned to another station (the data that can be seen on the EI10 screen).
  • A new program, SA/934, run with WFL/SA/BVDELETE, that will allow you to delete old records from BV-DATA. This is the dataset that keeps track of sales by branch and category class. Now that it can be browsed via the new SI85 screen, some users have complained of the old inactive records present.

    As you may know, the publications arm of Trade Service was bought a while back by a company called I2. I2 has raised the rates significantly for the weekly price update service (PFMS). As a result, a competitor has sprung up offering the same data at a lower price. We've tested a file from this new company, Material Express, and it seems to be fine. Anyone interested in learning more about this option, please give us a call.

    We had a record 45 participants in this year's NCAA Tournament Pool.
      The winners were:

    • 1st place Mort D. from Laconia Electric
    • 2nd place Matt F. from Trade Power
    • 3rd place Ron H. from Laconia