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August 26, 2002

  • User's Meeting in September
  • Enhancements
  • Web based training sessions

    Reminder: Users Meeting coming up September 25th – 26th. Please let us know who's attending from your site.

    Recent Enhancements Completed:

  • Ability to Review all line items (rather than just the first 17) within order entry

  • Ability to specify default lead time for special order items by vendor. This is helpful for ensuring that po's for future ship orders are cut soon enough.

  • Ability to specify a unique terms code by ship-to/job. This is helpful when you want to give special terms for a specific job. Your users do not have to remember to override on each order.

  • Screen OP07 has been transferred to allow you to (optionally) enter shipping information (for accounts that want to track ship date and time and track number).

    Brock-McVey and PSI have begun holding Web based training sessions using a company called Present-Online. So far, we have had a couple of sessions dealing with Accounts Receivable. The web training also uses a related conference call company called Intercall. Since the A/R training groups have been small, all of the user questions so far have been made over the conference phone call. However, for bigger groups working from several PC's, the users can also type in questions that the leader can see and respond to.