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October 14, 2002


  • New features planned for Power Plus
  • Hein Electric switches to Material Express
  • Questions and Answers recently posed

    As a result of some excellent suggestions made at the recent users conference, combined with a few of PSI's own ideas, we are pleased to announce 21 new features planned for the next (6.2) release of Power Plus.

    This list is attached. If you have any more ideas, please send in. We're looking for 5 or so more.

    A few of these enhancements have already been completed:

  • Allow for starting batch number on GP01 screen.

  • Show discount coming if pay in full on CI10 inquiry.

  • Print station name on on-line pick tickets.

  • Only allow receipt of regular po's if the po warehouse matches the warehouse of the receiver ID.

    Informediate (Execusense and In Control) has moved. Their new address and phone number are:
2032 Front Street
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221-3218
330-920-9396 phone
330-920-9460 fax
    Informediate also is in the process of planning out release 4.0 of Execusense and, like PSI, is looking for enhancement ideas. If you have any suggestions, please mail, e-mail or fax to them as soon as possible.

    Hein Electric has signed up with Material Express for both EPIC (alternative to Traser Pro) and ApEX (alternative to PFMS).

    Good questions recently posed:

    Q.    Can you put quantities into suspense directly on the po receiving screen (IA32)? 

    A.    Yes, by entering the qty in the "Rejected" Column, and putting Y in "Suspense?".
        Also, note that the rejected is a subset of the total received.  So, for example, if the
        vendor ships you 80 good and 20 damaged, you receive 100 and reject the 20.

    Q.    Can you request an invoice reprint on IV13 using the invoice number instead of the
        order number?

    A.    Yes, by entering the invoice number followed by an "I".  A patch has been issued to
        document this capability.

    Q.    Can I use generic part number cross-references when entering purchase orders
        manually (IA02)?

    A.    Yes.  As with most screens, you can enter the generic part number prefixed by a
        "?".  Similarly, on most screens, you can enter a DCI/UPC number prefixed by
        an asterisk.  II90 is one of the very few screens where this doesn't work, due to
        the file access method.


    Based upon requests presented at the recent users meeting, and our judgement, the following enhancements are planned.

    Note:    *   denotes already completed
            ** denotes requires a database change (reorg)

    1.    Add a country code to customer master. **

    2.    Add one more line of address to the customer and ship-to records and change the pick ticket, invoice and statement print programs to print it (if not blank). **

    3.    Add a shipping zip code to the branch master file and change the purchase order print programs to use it for warehouse po's. **

    1.    Flag manual costs on sales order line items. **

    2.    Print the station name that initiated the print on on-line pick tickets.  *

    3.    a.    At end of order maintenance, go back and total up the entire order and display
        its value.  (Currently, when in maintenance mode, it shows you the number of
        lines and dollar amount that you've changed – not the entire order amount.)

             b.    Also, on cash sales, at the end of the order show the tax and miscellaneous
            amounts and the total due.

    4.    Restrict the cancellation of quotes to the sales rep that originally entered the quote.

    5.    Retain cancelled quotes for 30 days after cancellation.  (Currently deletes the next
        time you run WFL/OE/CLEANUP.)

    1.    Track ending inventory value for each of the past 13 months.  Use this to calculate average inventory value when computing turn rate and turn and earn on II75 and SI75 inquiries, and on IN/741 service levels report. **

    2.    Do not allow receipt on regular po's if the warehouse on the po does not match the warehouse that the receiver is assigned to. *

    3.    On IA82 purchase history correction, provide the option of having the corrected cost update the replacement cost or vendor quote on the inventory file.

    4.    Add option to purchase order header to specify that the costs entered on this po should update the replacement cost or vendor quote on the inventory file. **

    5.    At end of PO55 auto buy, allow option to go directly into po maintenance to manually add items.

    1.    Add a key for date entered to the customer file.  Change OI50 "O" option by order number to be by order entered date. **

    2.    EDI rebates using the latest standard EDI transaction sets.

    3.    Track customer sales history by price class.  (Requires new dataset updated at billing time.)  Add options to SI10, 30 and 60 to select this type of sales history. **

    1.    On CI10 inquiry, show how much cash discount the customer would have if they paid their entire balance today.  (Will default to entire balance, but you'll have the option of excluding the future due aging bucket.)  *

    1.    Add a key to the paid A/P file that will allow you to use the reverse date option and purchasing vendor option on AI01 for paid A/P invoices. **

    2.    Add RGA nbr to po header and accounts payable datasets.  Add spot on IA01 and IA22 to enter RGA #.  Add new inquiry into A/P files by RGA #. **

    1.    On the GI11 inquiry, show budget info. 
    Note:  At the meeting, the request was also made to provide the ability to drill down into detail of G/L transactions.  While this would be nice, it is not feasible due to the fact that :  For any given line on the screen, there can be several different G/L accounts that comprise that total, and there is no place to store all of such G/L numbers on the screen in order for such a drill down to work.

    2.    Allow for starting batch number on the GP01 screen when reviewing batch headers. *