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January 20, 2003


  • New enhancements
  • 2002 Phone Support Statistics

    Enhancements Recently Compiled:

  • The AR05 returned check screen now gives you the option of automatically reversing out the check using the info in the cash receipts journal. (This requires that you retain the cash receipts journal info long enough to return NSF checks and correct data entry mistakes. Probably all sites already retain this info for a sufficient time period.) This enhancement eliminates the need to key in the invoice numbers to "unpay". It also removes the limitation on being able to reverse out a maximum of 8 invoices.

  • The reverse date option now works on the AI01 inquiry when you are using the purchasing (as opposed to remit-to) vendor. This enhancement requires a database change.

  • The inventory period-end process will now save off the ending inventory value. Also, the II75 and SI75 inquiries have been changed to use this info to calculate the average inventory value. Same for the IN/545 and IN/741 reports. This will improve the accuracy of vendor turn rate calculations, particularly on small to medium vendors. Overall turn rates by branch and company should be relatively unaffected.
    Note: This enhancement requires a database change and the running of an initial FIX program. Also, it will take the passing of months for this enhancement to have much effect. After one year, it will be fully effective.

  • Manual costs are now tracked on the line items like manual prices have always been.
    Note: This enhancement requires a database change.

    Phone Support Statistics for 2002
    Total support calls (including faxes and e-mails) came to 1743, up 28% from 2001. The average initial response time was 24 minutes, compared to 21 minutes in 2001.

    Broken down by functional area, the percentage of calls was as follows:

      Order Processing 24.9 %
      Operating System/Hardware 
      File Maintenance 10.7   
      Accounts Receivable
      Sales Analysis
      Accounts Payable
      Fax Module
      General Ledger
      All Others

    Thinking of changing some procedures or getting users to start using new features available in Power Plus? Now might be an excellent time to do so according to Dave Kahle of Da Co Corp., a consultant to the wholesale distribution industry, who says "The labor pool is much deeper and the current staff, knowing their positions less secure, tend to be more adaptable to change".

    And here's a suggestion from another distribution industry consultant, Steve Epner of BSW Consulting in St. Louis. "One of the things I suggest people do is every three or four years pretend they're buying a new computer system. Come up with a list of the capabilities you desire or problem areas with the current system, and take that to the vendor and ask them if they already have those things built in. Most of the time, the answer is yes". [And, our note, if not, we would likely add it in.]