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June 11, 2003


  • New User – Marshall Electric
  • New enhancements

    We are pleased to announce the addition of new user, Marshall Electric Supply, of Chicago. Marshall also has a lighting showroom. Bucking industry trends, Marshall Electric is our fifth new system sale since 9/11/01.

    Recent Enhancements:

  • Another on-line menu for running reports and other batch jobs has been added to the system. This one is SOEX, and runs 30 of the more common on-demand type of sales and order entry jobs.

  • When you enter a purchase order (either manual po or PO55 automatic po), you now have the option of specifying that any manually entered costs update either the replacement cost or vendor quote on the inventory file. This is primarily designed to make it easier for smaller sites to keep up with file maintenance.

  • A new program has been developed, IN/944, which deletes POT-DATA records. POT-DATA is used for transfer requests and direct ship requests during order entry.

  • A new sales report has been developed, SA/017. This report is similar to the SA/015 – One Customer by Item report, however, it allows you to also select a specific customer po number. In essence, it allows you to provide a customer with a detailed report on a project where they use the same po number on it.

  • A new report, AP/606, which lists vendors who have been inactive for a parameter specified length of time.

    Good question posed recently: If my fax PC is powered off or otherwise not working for some reason, the PLUS system sometimes thinks it has sent the fax request to the PC even though it hasn't. When the PC is powered back on, it does not receive the fax request.

    If you go into Fax Status and try to re-queue the fax, you get an error message that the "Fax is in process." Is there any way to easily re-queue it?

    Answer: Yes, there is a box titled "Access" at the bottom of the fax status list. If you enter an asterisk (*) in this box, it overrides the edit restriction and allows you to re-queue the fax.