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August 20, 2003


  • New enhancements
  • PSI Now a Dell Reseller

    We are pleased to announce that PSI is now an Authorized Reseller for Dell Computer's full line of PC's, notebooks, servers and peripherals. Please consider us whenever you need such equipment.

    New Enhancements Recently Completed:

  • The AP/PO interface has been rewritten so that the receivers for a given purchase order automatically pop-up for selection. You also have the option of drilling down into the detail of a receiver to view and optionally fix the cost on the line items. Such maintenance to the receipted cost is probably more efficient than using IA82 (IA82 is still required to correct quantities received).

  • The Exception Warning Subsystem has been revamped in order to:
  • (a) cover more exceptions

    (b) allow for an interactive option

    While you can still have the exception warnings print out, this subsystem has now been integrated with the internal e-mail feature in Power Plus. When exceptions occur, the system will now create e-mail messages to send to the appropriate user(s). (Multi-location sites can have one user notified at the corporate level and another at the branch level.) The recipients are then notified that mail has been sent to them, just as if a user had sent a normal e-mail.

    Finally, the e-mail subsystem has been enhanced to add the option to Act upon the e-mail warning by specifying an "A" next to the message. Depending on the nature of the e-mail, the Action request will take you into an appropriate screen.

    For example, suppose you have it set that a sales order line item with an extended cost of over $10,000 is an exception to be looked at. When such a line item is entered, the appropriate management person is notified with an e-mail. When they call that e-mail up and enter A for action, it will bring them into order maintenance for that order.

    Once an e-mail has been acted upon, it will no longer highlight.

    The list of exceptions tracked has been expanded. Here is the new list of exceptions:

    • order has gone on credit hold
    • sales order line item entered with an extended price > X
    • sales order line item entered with an extended cost > X
    • sales order line item entered with a GM% less than X%
    • special order item has been cancelled on a sales order
    • po line item with extended value > X has been entered
    • inside or outside sales rep changed on an order
    • replacement cost has been changed on a stock line item via order maintenance
    • an item has been backordered (can be limited to just "A" items or just "A"s and "B"s).
    • shipping feedback has been done to an order where an early backorder has already been created.

    Good Question Asked Recently: "How can I see what trancodes are assigned to a particular security category?"


    a) Go into COMS/UTILITY (? ON UTILITY)

    b) T for Trancode

    c) At the top of the trancode activity screen, enter SE for Search; enter the desired security category, for example PLUS_21_SC. Just to be safe, make sure the rest of the fields are blanked out and transmit.

    d) It will come back with a message indicating that the search condition has been set. Now do FI for First in the Action field to see the first trancode. Then NE for Next until you reach the end of the list.