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December 15, 2003


  • New enhancements
  • PSI Celebrates 15th Anniversary
  • Holiday Schedule

    Enhancements Recently Completed:

  • Inventory file maintenance changes are now permanently stored on a new dataset IFM-DATA. A new inquiry, II92, allows you to view the past four values for selected fields (or you can request to see what the values were on a selected date).

  • OI50 now allows you to inquire by order entry date and invoice date.

  • The e-mail system has been enhanced to allow you to send future dated e-mails and also to be able to requeue existing e-mails for a future date. For example, you might want to send yourself a future dated e-mail to remind your self to check something at a future date.

    Coming Soon!

  • Inquiry options by Category Class and Price Class will be added to II60 Inventory Search.

  • OE30 order entry will be enhanced to:
  • - Allow you to explicitly force a duplicate item number as a new line item instead of always changing the existing line.

    - Additional inventory search options will be added and you will be able to optionally specify which search path you're using (a1a II60).

    A special feeling of thanks goes out this holiday season as PSI celebrates 15 years in business. Many of our clients go back for most of those years, including a handful that go back virtually to day one. Your loyalty is greatly appreciated. In return, we have tried to reward you with solid service, reasonable rates for support and custom programming, and ongoing gradual improvements to the package. 2003 was a banner year for major enhancements to Power Plus. As customary, we have tried to introduce the enhancements without upsetting your apple carts.

    With all the turnover in the application software industry, the stability PSI strives to provide is key. Back when PSI was first formed, System Design (SDI) -- our former owners – warned potential customers of the risks of working with PSI. Perhaps ironically, SDI recently joined the list of former hardgoods distribution software vendors that have bit the dust. SDI was acquired by Prophet 21 (a company which itself has had three ownership changes in the past several years). As part of that process, several key SDI people are no longer with the firm, and many of their users question the future of their PRISM package.

    Among the other "majors," R&D changed ownership and is now NxTREND – NxTREND bought SHIMS, which they've been trying to discontinue for years; Eclipse was acquired by Intuit; Trade Service by Boston Ventures and renamed TradePower. Each of these changes was associated with the departure of key personnel. Also, to help pay for these acquisitions, support charges are typically raised dramatically, and users are often forced to buy new versions of the package.

    Several other packages that were around when we started have virtually disappeared, including DIMIS, MTI, PM Systems, Mark Information Systems, Summit and T&E.

    Back in 1989 when we started, it seemed like everyone was enamored with Unix, which was a little bit odd since it's not a very friendly operating system. Most of our competitors had or were in the process of converting their packages to Unix. Today, most of those that are still around are in the process of converting to Windows. Meanwhile, Unisys has gradually melded their operating system with Microsoft, with the long-term goal of making the two operating systems seamless. This approach has provided our customers with many of the benefits of Windows without massive disruption or expenditures.

    Again, we greatly appreciate your business and hope you appreciate the benefits of stability and gradual improvements. Now, for a New Year's resolution, how about starting to take advantage of more of the new features?

Holiday Schedule

    Wednesday, December 24th, close around noon.

    Thursday, December 25th, closed

    Friday, December 26th, emergencies only, please

    Wednesday, December 31, close around 2 p.m.

    Thursday, January 1st, closed

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!