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February 26, 2004


  • LaSalle orders LX7150
  • New add-on modules

    LaSalle Company recently ordered the new 500 RPM Unisys LX7150 system. According to all reports, the LX7150's really scream.

    With business picking up for most distributors, this might be a good time to look at making some productivity boosting investments in add-on modules. It should also be noted that there are various tax incentives in place for technology investments that expire later this year.

    Some add-on modules to consider:

  • From our business partner Expert Systems Consulting (ESC) – Signature Capture. This module allows you to store customers' signatures for deliveries electronically rather than storing the hard copies of pick tickets. You can either scan the signatures in off of delivery receipts, or you can eliminate delivery receipt copies of your form altogether and have your customers sign a palm type of device.

  • Also from ESC is Contractor Connect. This module runs on both yours and your contractor'(s) systems allowing you to electronically send shipping and/or billing information into the contractor's accounting system. Currently, Contractor Connect works with the following contractor packages: GEAC, Timberline and Quickbooks. ESC has agreed to interface with other popular packages.

    The advantages of this module include:
    • By saving customer the labor of entering data into their systems, should be able to get a higher percentage of their business.
    • Cost savings on postage and handling of invoices.

    • Might get paid a little faster.

  • From another business partner, Informediate, is In Control. This is the same outfit that supplies Execusense – an Executive Information System. In Control is more general purpose and allows you to easily create and manipulate inventory and sales reports, graphs, charts, etc. You can sort, summarize or sub-total at whatever levels you want.

    In Control requires SQL Server. The cost of both In Control and the server hardware needed to run it has dropped significantly in the past few years.

    If you are interested in a demo or more information about any of these modules, please give us a call. And don’t forget Trade Power's Web Customer Service Center.

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