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April 20, 2004


  • Bearing Headquarters orders WCSC

  • New Enhancements

    Bearing Headquarters (aka Headco) recently ordered the Trade Power Web Customer Service Center (WCSC). Headco is based in Broadview, IL with over 30 branches throughout the Midwest, and is the 3rd largest distributor of bearings, gears and sprockets in the U.S. Headco utilizes an old, heavily customized version of the Power Plus software.

    New Enhancements recently completed

  • Inquiry into the inventory file by price class. This should be helpful when working on revising your price matrix or Trade Service Vendor Options. Instead of having to run a WFL/IN/IMBOOK/CLASS you can now inquire on-line. This inquiry also gives you the option of listing the Trade Service values for prices, etc. under yours.

  • The month-ending inventory value for each item is now stored in the database. This will subsequently be used to improve the average inventory value calculation on various reports and inquiries.

  • A new inquiry is available that will show you the history of file maintenance changes to an item. For example, you could use this inquiry if you wanted to see what the changes have been to the replacement cost over time. Sometimes the question comes up, "What was the resale pricing, cost, vendor quote, promo pricing, etc. that was in effect at the time of a transaction?"

    We had a record 62 participants in this year's NCAA Tournament Pool. This year's winners included Bob B. from Hein Electric in Milwaukee, and Jim S. and Donna G. from Mapes Supply in Chicago.