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October 15, 2004


  • Customer Projects

  • New Enhancements

    Hornung Golf Products recently went live on their new LX7150 Clear/Path system.

    Bearing Headquarters recently went live on the Web Customer Service Center.

    A couple of users have embarked on projects that streamline operations by eliminating the filing of signed delivery receipts. The two solutions are quite different. Brock-McVey has begun scanning in the signed delivery receipts (as well as vendor purchase orders). The images of these documents can then be pulled up by a variety of search keys such as order number, PO number, date shipped, customer, etc.

    BJ Electric will be eliminating the delivery receipt copy of their pick tickets altogether by going to electronic Signature Capture . This is actually just one part of an overhaul of their delivery operations. The new subsystem works like this:
    1. The open delivery orders are exported from the Power Plus system into Routeview. There, the orders are routed optimally (with the option for manual review and adjustment by their router). This step saves on time spent routing, and more importantly, optimizes the routes to save on fuel and drivers' wages.
    2. A manifest is then printed for each truck, and the pick tickets printed by truck.
    3. The trucks are equipped with a GPS device to allow you to track where they are, and for real time tracking of each delivery.
    4. The drivers are equipped with a PDA that the customer signs in lieu of a hard-copy receipt.
    5. The signatures are then stored along with the basic order information for subsequent query.

    PDA's are also kept at the counter for pick-ups and retail trade. In this case, the inside sales rep scans the order number off the pick ticket (which will be bar-coded), and then the customer signs.

    Brock-McVey has also started a little project at one of their counters where they scan the bar-code UPC/DCI number off of boxes and packages to speed up the order entry process and reduce errors. The device used is called a "bar-code wedge" which couples it with the keyboard. When you get to the item number field in order entry, you simply wand the bar-code, and it fills in the UPC/DCI number.

    New Enhancements Recently Completed:

  • A new inquiry screen, AI41, which will allow you to inquire into Accounts Payable G/L distribution by G/L account number, date posted, or G/L reference ID. This inquiry is designed to allow you to "drill down" to the detail underlying A/P related general ledger entries on the GI01 inquiry. Prior to this new screen, one had to use reports to find this info.

  • The OE30 order entry screen has been enhanced to:

      (a) Allow you to repeat an item number, e.g., if you need to make some no charge or want to break out the items by room of the house, and the same item is in multiple rooms.

      (b) Explicitly specify the partial key look-up you are trying. The options now include: item number, catalog number, description, UPC/DCI number.

  • A powerful new inquiry, SI90, that will allow you to inquire into daily sales totals (by branch and overall company) that will allow you to compare any given day's sales versus the previous day, the same business day the previous month, or the same business day the previous year.

  • You can now run WFL/OE/ENDOFDAY/RECREATE for a date range rather than just a single day. One of the key things this would enable you to do is, if you are batch printing your invoices, but didn't want to print them every time you run ENDOFDAY, you could use this WFL to recreate the INVCRL file for a date range. For example, you could print all invoices for the week at once.

  • Excess cash deposits now transfer over to backorders that are created via the early backorder option. (As they already do on normal backorders created in invoicing).