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February 2, 2005


  • Customer Projects

  • New Enhancements

    Brock-McVey recently went live on their new LX7150 Clear/Path.   Brock also attached an HP SAN Disk subsystem to store the database.

    BJ Electric went live on Routeview (truck delivery routing), Electronic Signature Capture, and GPS tracking of their trucks.

    New Enhancements Recently Completed:

  • E-mail Groups.  This feature allows you to define groups for intra-company e-mail.   Sending the message to the group will send it to each group member.   So, for example, you can set up groups for each branch, for the buyers, for accounting, etc.

  • Over the years, some users have complained that you answer the Backorder? question on the order header before you know what's out of stock.  Sometimes whether or not the customer will accept a B/O depends on the items in question.  With this in mind, a new (optional) Backorder Confirmation screen can come up at the end of orders that contain unfilled line items.  Whether you do this is controlled by a new system parameter with several options.  
  • A new screen for entering cash deposits on orders has been added.  This screen should be easier to use for new employees than the miscellaneous line item screen.  It also ensures that the misc account number is entered properly (this is also now stored in a new system parameter).  The screen also displays the more popular deposit amounts (25-33-50-100%). 

  • On-line maintenance for TVA-DATA, which controls the Trade Service vendor abbreviations, is now provided for.    

  • You now have the option on the IA81 screen to correct the "frozen" end of your unit cost. 

  • When you apply credit memos using the AR02 screen, it will now create a separate debt relief record for each invoice you apply to.  This will allow you to do a CI30 inquiry on the credit and see all the invoices it was applied to.