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May 5, 2005


  • User News

  • New Enhancements

    Laconia Electric recently ordered an LX7150, the latest (and very fast) server marketed by Unisys and made by Dell.  Laconia is the fifth Power Plus user to order an LX7150 since they were introduced about a year ago. 

    F&R Electric recently upgraded to an LX5000, bringing an end to the era of the A7, which  at one point was very popular among our users. 

    BJ Electric recently upgraded their Fax Module so that it runs on the Windows side of their LX server rather than the DOS-PC based version.  BJ reports that this solution also allows them more control over the cover page (such as adding your logo), fonts, etc. 

    Winners of this year's NCAA tourney:
    1st Place - Charlie D. of Laconia Electric; 2nd and 3rd Places - Brendan T. and Tony C. of Idlewood Electric. 

    New Enhancements Recently Completed:

  • Improved tracking of sales order maintenance.  Now, when a price or cost is changed on a line item, in addition to this printing on the Sales Order Maintenance Register, a line item narrative is also created to record the change.  These narratives are marked as internal only, so they show up when you inquire on an order

  • In a related change, maintenance performed via the OM35 transaction is now tracked on order narratives.  That way when you inquire on an order, you will be able to see what the original customer number, order type, etc. was. 
  • Cancelled orders now stay in the database for 90 days for inquiry purposes. 

  • The option has been added to the OI30 order inquiry by item number to view cancelled line items. 

  • All of the above enhancements are designed to make it easier to deal with the occasional confusion that seems to arise as a result of changing or cancelling orders.