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August 8, 2005


  • User News

  • User Meeting

    BJ Electric Supply recently ordered an LX7150 server.  BJ is the sixth Power Plus site to order an LX7150 since this super-fast model was released last year. 

    According to Ron Mikicich, IT director at Bearing Headquarters, they have now enrolled over 150 customers on the Web Customer Service Center, about 15 or so who actively pump in orders. 

    Our next Users Meeting has been scheduled for October 13-14th (Thursday – Friday) in the Chicago area.  Details will follow, but the likely location will be at Marriott Hickory Ridge Training Center in Lisle, IL (where Unisys typically has its training classes). 

    The tentative agenda is as follows: 

      Thursday 9 – 12 PM
        An optional free training session titled "Good Housekeeping". 
        This will be geared towards newer and smaller users and focus on the maintenance tasks that enable your Power Plus system to run more smoothly.  We will review such topics as removing old files, deleting old records from datasets, CANDE recovery files, etc.

        Attendees are encouraged to bring their notebook PC's (with standard network card) in order to facilitate hands-on practice. 

        Those successful in completing the class will receive their official Seal of Good Housekeeping! 

      Thursday 1 – 4:30 PM  Users Meeting
      and Friday 9AM – 3PM

      Thursday Evening – Dinner hosted by PSI

      Preliminary List of Topics

        Using Administrator Center – GUI method of administering system rather than ODT commands.

        Step by step demonstration of loading a file of special costs from vendors.

        Sharing files between Windows and MCP: saving Microsoft documents and worksheets on the Clear/Path; starting WFL's through Windows rather than MARC or CANDE, etc.

        Demo of new Bar-code based Warehouse Management System  

        NAED Special Pricing Agreement Rebate Filing Standardization. 

        Using DataAccess (formerly called InfoAccess) to pull data from Power Plus database into an Excel worksheet. 

        Recent New Feature Review 

        New Feature Requests 

    Again this is a tentative agenda.  If you have any topic requests, please let us know.  Also, if anyone has completed or embarked on an IT project that might be of interest, please let us know if you'd be willing to give a short presentation.