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April 5, 2006
  • User News
  • New enhancements

Edison Equipment recently became our first user to purchase the latest Unisys/Dell server the Libra300.

Recent Enhancements:

Several new exception warnings have been added. These include:
  • Inventory Adjustments Done
  • The quantity credited to the customer on a return not being put back into stock or suspense. This is okay for the times when you are just field scrapping goods, but some sites wanted this being brought to management's attention, since it also can be done inadvertently.
  • Shipping feedback being performed

A new report of Rebate Adjustments done via the OM45 screen. Run with WFL/SA/REBATE/ADJUSTMENTS.
You can now deduct from cut wire reels right within order entry instead of having to use the IA41 screen.
You can now copy orders, rather than just quotes, on the OP91 screen.
A new version of the aging summary report has been developed, which will allow you to run an aging as of a prior date. This is run with WFL/AR/AGING/SUMMARY/PRIOR.
Note: You must retain the history of paid A/R back far enough to support the date you want the aging report for.
A new option has been added to the AR/079 statement print program to run for the statements as of a prior date. This can be helpful in a couple of situations: (1) If, for some reason, you wind up running your statements late; (2) In conjunction with the customer range option, you could recreate a customer's statement from a previous period.
Again, you need to keep your paid A/R and payment records for an appropriate time period.
The SI10 inquiry has been enhanced to give the option to view the rolling last 12 month total of sales history rather than just YTD or LY options.