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September 28, 2006
  • User News
  • New enhancements

Idlewood Electric recently ordered an LX7150 server. About half of our users now have these super fast Unisys servers.

Idlewood also is our first site to sign up with Invoice Connection for the outsourcing of their invoice printing and mailing. In many environments, Invoice Connection can offer substantial savings in postage, forms and handling. Invoices can also be emailed to customers for whom that's acceptable, which represents an even further savings. Invoice Connection includes other features, such as customers being able to reprint invoices from a password secured website.

The testing of the invoice extract has been completed, and Idlewood should be going live shortly.

Hornung's Golf Products is our first client doing real EDI customer order entry. While many sites use EDI on the vendor side, this can also be appealing to large customers, and more importantly, represent significant labor savings. Hornung's processes a few hundred orders this way monthly.

Recent Enhancements:
  • A new option has been added to the OE/131 program (WFL/OE/ENDOFDAY/RECREATE/RANGE), which allows it to self perpetuate its date range parameters. This provides for an easy way to print invoices every few days or weekly, rather than daily.

  • A new program, IN/347 (run with WFL/IN/TOP/BYVENDOR), which allows you to report the top X items for a selected vendor, X being a parameter. You can also specify whether the report is by branch or overall, and what your ranking criterion is.

  • Option to specify internal-only (no-print) purchase order comments. Such comments are prefixed by a % sign.

  • Ability to specify a billing limit on a job/ship-to record. System will now track cumulative sales on that ship-to and display this on FM33 screen. If ship-to is already over the limit or this order would put over the limit, then the order will go on credit hold.

  • Ability to specify on the customer master that this account is charge-only, i.e., cash sales will not be allowed.

  • Ability to change ship-to number on the regular order header maintenance screen (OM30).