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December 31, 2006
  • User News
  • New enhancements

New user Quality Electric of Chicago goes live at the beginning of the year. Quality is a small start-up company.

Laconia Electric and Hein Electric went live on EDI using IDX2 as their VAN.

Idlewood Electric went live on processing their invoices through Invoice Connection.

Hornung's Golf Products goes live on EDI Invoicing to one of their largest customers.

Recent Enhancements:
  • You can now select purchase orders from the II80 inquiry display for either faxing or to drill down into the detail of the PO.

  • Trading partner ID's and qualifier codes, as well as your account number have been added to the vendor master file. This will facilitate EDI and other e-commerce ventures with vendors, reducing the need for either hard-coding in the programs, WFL parameters, translator tables, etc.

  • The Accounts Payable system will now offer various ways to make it easier to process debit memos on vendor's accounts.

    1. Within the AP-PO interface posting process, you will now be able to enter a deduction amount. You can either have this subtracted from the invoice amount, or you can have it create a separate negative invoice by specifying a debit invoice number. There will be an area to enter a brief description of the reason for the debit, which will appear on subsequent inquiries.
    2. You will also have the option of specifying a few lines of free form text to help you elaborate on your reasoning for the debit.
    3. A new screen will also be available in the non-PO entry method for standalone debit memos. Again, you will be able to enter a few lines of explanatory notes.
    4. Debit memos can be printed either on-demand or as part of the check run.