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April 3, 2007
  • New enhancements
  • Questions Recently Fielded

Recent Enhancements:
  • A new inquiry, II72, into the Price Matrix by product price class.

  • A new inquiry, AR95, which shows how unapplied cash was later applied during A/R adjustments.

  • Checks returned for NSF are now distinguished from corrections on the AR05 screen and AR/072 report.

  • If an exact match on PO number is entered on the AI21 inquiry, the response will show the total PO amount, amount billed to you so far and amount paid.

  • Option on AI01 inquiry to view credits or invoices only.

  • AI01 inquiry has also been enhanced to allow you to go Back, if you've passed up the invoices you were looking for.

  • A new exception warning had been added which can notify the inside sales rep when a backordered item has been received on a will-call or pick-up order.

  • For charge customers who pay by credit card, you can now enter the credit card type on the cash receipts screen (and enter the authorization number in the payment number). This is displayed on the CI40 payment inquiry screen. It is also displayed on the cash receipts journal and subtotals by credit card type are printed at the end of the report. Your AR to G/L interface program can be modified to post the payments to the G/L differently; if that is the way you do it.

  • Ability to run cash receipts journal and A/R adjustments journal for a selected customer for a date range.

  • Date of last purchase order maintenance is new tracked in the database and displayed on the IA91 inquiry.

  • Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number field had been added to PO header entry and maintenance screens for vendor returns. New IA82 inquiry that allows you to inquire into vendor returns by RGA number.

  • Purchase order line item narratives can now be entered/maintained using new screen IA26. Also OP50 will now pick up all sales order line item narratives (instead of just the first line) and place them in the comments for the corresponding PO line item.

  • When pick tickets are reprinted, the station name is now tracked in the order narratives.

  • Direct ship Lot billing procedures have been streamlined a bit by the addition of quantity ordered and shipped fields on the line item comments, where the item details for LOT items is typically defined.

    You can now enter the quantity ordered on such comments on the OE19 and OM41 screens.

    The quantity ordered will print next to the comment on the acknowledgement.

    A new feedback screen, OP15, allows you to post the quantity shipped for the narrative line. Only comments with a quantity shipped will when print on the invoice. Also, when the backorder gets created, the comments will be adjusted based on the quantity shipped.

    This eliminates the need to change the print destination back and forth from B to I, and manually adjust your narratives when vendors partially ship a LOT billing.

Good questions recently fielded.

Question: I cannot fax a cash sale invoice.
Solution: The trick is to use a code of Y with the order number rather than I and the invoice number on the OMS screen. Cash sales do not go into the A/R file, which is the dataset used to fax an invoice when you use the I option. However, the Y option uses the billed order file to find all of its info.

This scenario also applies to returns that are automatically applied to the original invoice (because they have the same invoice number).
Question: I have a hard time getting my faxes to go through to a specific customer or a vendor or two.
Answer: This typically happens with the recipient has a multi-purpose fax machine/ printer/copier. Such machines often get set with different options that control the receiving protocol.

According to some users of other packages, such as Eclipse and Prophet 21, the problem typically goes away if your customer or vendor sets his fax to MMR protocol. This was confirmed by our Minolta fax repairman.

The winners in this year's NCAA pool were: Chuck P, Royston Supply; Jeff K, F&R Electric; Brendan T, Idlewood Electric; and Kevin Y, Laconia Electric.