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September 18, 2007
  • User Meeting
  • New enhancements

User Meeting
We will be having a users' meeting on Wednesday, November 7, 2007. The meeting is free of charge and will be held in the western suburbs of Chicago the location has not been finalized.  
As usual, the meeting will focus on recent enhancements and user suggestions for new enhancements.  Some of the special topics planned for this meeting include: 
  • Processing of A/P Invoices via EDI

  • Demo of two new features that are somewhat related

    • Importing of orders/quotes from Excel

    • Job tracking features

These features are in process and your feedback on their design would be greatly appreciated. 
***If you have any specific topics that you'd like to have reviewed, please call or email these in while the agenda is still being finalized. 
The meeting will run from 9AM 4:30PM.  We will have pizza brought in for lunch to save time.
In addition, there will be a free training session the afternoon prior to the meeting.  If you or anyone from your company is interested in this, please let us know and also give some ideas on what you want covered.  
PSI will also host a dinner the night of the 6th for any of those who come in early for the training or just to be sure to be on time for the meeting start up. We will follow up to get a head count for dinner. 

Recent Enhancements:
  • New OM25 screen which allows you to update selected order header fields after the order has been invoiced.  These are all fields that are considered important for subsequent reporting and inquiry, but do not affect accounting or compromise business law. 

  • IMRENUMBER and IMCOMBINE can now be run from the IA menu for up to 8 items at a time.  Entries are edited upfront, so you don't have to worry about the entries erring out in the background WFL. 

  • RGA numbers are now printed on both regular print and faxed PO's.  RGA number also displayed on IA91 inquiry. 

  • Ability to post invoices paid by credit card within Accounts Payable.  These are "memo-only" invoices that do not update the G/L, because the subsequent credit card bill will be what updates the general ledger. 

    These invoices serve 2 functions: 
    1. Provide historical tracking on purchases you made from vendors that were paid by credit card. 
    2. Takes the receivers off of the Uninvoiced Liability Report. 

  • OI20 now has the option of selecting cancelled orders only or to specifically exclude cancelled orders. 

  • OP91 now allows you to copy billed orders (as well as open orders). 

  • Labor type items can now be automatically posted to different G/L accounts in the sales to G/L interface program. 

  • If you use OP07 to track shipments by truck route or driver, you can now use the OM65 screen to inquire by route and date, and optionally use this screen to release the orders for billing. 

  • New MM64 screen which allows you to maintain the price matrix by product price class. 

  • A new report of direct orders which have not had Purchase Orders created yet (OE/763 run with WFL/OE/LIST/DIRECTS/NOPO). 

  • A new series of screens that list out the various support files (terms, tax, etc.), eliminating the need to run hardcopy reports.