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November 21, 2007
  • User News
  • Recent enhancements
  • Planned enhancements
  • Holiday Schedule

User News
Hein Electric Supply became our first customer to install the latest model in the Unisys Libra Server series, the Libra 400. The 400 is even faster than the super fast Libra 300's and LX7100. Both of these are rated at 500 RPMs as compared to 750 on the Libra 400.  

Laconia Electric Supply recently went live with sending their invoices through Invoice Connection. Laconia is our second site to go the outsourcing route.  

Recent Enhancements:
  • You can now send external emails of the same documents available through the Fax Module: Order Acknowledgements, Quotations, Vendor Purchase Orders and PO Expedites, Customer Invoices and Statements. The documents go out as text file attachments and look the same as their fax counterparts.  

    You must have an email server correctly configured to talk with your LX or Libra server.

    Also, for this to work smoothly you should have customer and vendor email addresses loaded on the respective master files.

  • Online HOWTO documentation is now available in a question and answer format. Sites have the ability to customize this documentation.  

  • Several new features round out the Job Tracking capabilities: you can specify default job numbers and PO numbers on the ship-to file; you can also specify a maximum billing amount on ship-to's; job numbers now display on the ship-to search during order entry; you have the ability to enter job numbers on the OE05 order header screen; manually scheduled orders for jobs now create a job master record to help track the history of the job; a new inquiry, OI70 is now available that summarizes the job history.  

  • You can now import orders and quotes from Excel using the new OE50 screen.  

  • A new screen, OP18, for recording a temporary staging location for will/calls, ship completes and future orders. This location displays on OI10, as well as on the IA33 receiving recap and the putaways.  

  • The field IW-RANK-NBR is now updated as part of the ABC class update. This allows you to know the absolute rank of an item.  

New Enhancements Planned:
As a result of the feedback at the recent users' meeting, the following new features will be added:

  • An Import/Export screen will be added to the General Ledger menu. This will allow you to import/export comma delimited files from and to Excel.  

    1. Import Manual Journal Entries
    2. Import G/L Budgets
    3. Export Trial Balance
    4. Export G/L Detail Transactions for a date range

  • A new screen that will allow you to change the PO number and possibly some other "informational" type of data on A/P invoices that have already been paid.

  • Email addresses will be added to the Employee Master file and these will, by default, be picked up as the Respond-to when documents are emailed.

  • OE50 import order/quote from Excel is being changed to allow for the importing of a cost column.

  • Ability to reprint debit memos for A/P invoices that have already been paid.

  • Ability to email A/P Debit Memos.

Holiday Schedule:
We will be closed Monday December 24th and Tuesday December 25th for the Christmas holiday. We will be closed Monday December 31st and January 1st for the New Year's holiday.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays.