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May 15, 2008
  • Documentation
  • Wireless Warehouse
  • Recent Enhancements

  • The 7.2 documentation is now available in PDF file format. The tables of contents have been indexed to the detail, i.e., you can click on the screen name in the index at the front of the doc, and it will take you to the page for that screen.

  • In case anyone has installed the new release, but not the online HOWTO documentation, here is the procedure to do so:

    1. Make sure you have copied out SRC1/LOAD/HOWTO, WFL/LOAD/HOWTO, PASS/HOWDATA & PASS/HWDDATA

    2. Compile LOAD/HOWTO


  • Remember you can customize your online HOWTO docs, because it is part of your database. Use the FHOWE screen to add custom documentation (Note this is not on any menu screens so that users don't wander into it).

    Only add odd numbered topics and odd numbered line numbers to avoid the custom changes getting wiped out.

    There is also a program that will copy your custom changes to a flat file, WFL/DUMP/HOWTO.

Wireless Warehouse
Hein Electric Supply went live on the receiving portion of the Wireless Warehouse. The folks at Hein have also made several suggestions for improvements that have been added to the software.  

Recently Completed Enhancements:
  • A new program, OE/019, has been developed for printing pick tickets/cash sales, invoices and purchase orders on plain 8 by 11 inch paper. Some users have had custom versions along this line. This program formally makes this available to all sites.

    To use for all forms, simply change the object code file name for PLUS_OE018_PGM to be OE019.

    To mix and match e.g. plain invoices but formed pick tickets, you'll need to define the OE019 as a new agenda and program in your COMS UTILITY, and then change the agenda name for the appropriate trancodes. For example, IV11 and IV13 could be changed to route to OE/019.

  • Rebate maintenance (OM45) has been enhanced to go through all of the sales history related datasets and correct the gross profit.

  • When inventory is taken from display during order entry, this will now create inventory audit entries to reflect the adjustment from display to on-hand.

  • New reports: 

    • AP/166, run with WFL/AP/LIST/CREDCARD/INVOICES. A listing of A/P invoices entered as being paid by credit card. Date range. 

    • AR/777, run with WFL/AR/LIST/PARTIALS. Lists partially paid invoices showing their tax, freight and discount amounts, which frequently account for the unpaid balance.  

    • AR/778, run with WFL/AR/LIST/UNEARNED/DISCOUNTS. A detailed list of unearned discounts taken by customers.  

    • AR/801, run with WFL/AR/WORKSHEET. Prints a beginning balance, monthly activity, ending balance style worksheet.  

    • AR/973, run with WFL/AR/EXTRACT/INVOICES. Extracts detailed invoice and payment history for a selected customer and date range into an Excel compatible file. Can be useful when working with a customer to clean up their account.  

    • FM/921, run with WFL/FM/EXTRACT/CONTRACTS. Extract pricing contract records into Excel compatible format for a selected customer and vendor.  

    • IN/570, run with WFL/IN/MONTHLY/VENDOR. Lists the last 12 months of sales by vendor across the page.  

    • IN/57, run with WFL/IN/MONTHLY/ITEM. Lists the last 12 months of sales by item across the page (for a selected vendor).