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December 9, 2009
  • 2009 Enhancements

2009 Power Plus Enhancements:
  1. Ability to start order entry customer search by customer telephone number; ship-to/job name; and job number. Includes the ability to go back while sending.  
  2. Order entry statistics (displayed on EI50) are now broken down by entered, changed and cancelled categories.  
  3. OE30 order maintenance now includes the line number of the screen, so if you have the same item number on the order twice, it will now always update the correct line.  
  4. Batch emailing of invoices. Based on NBR-IN-COPIES=8. Run with WFL/EC/EMAIL/INVOICES.  
  5. Automatic (batch) emailing of order acknowledgements (EC/068).  
  6. Automatic (batch) faxing of order acknowledgements (OC/068).  
  7. A new dataset that keeps track of online document printing by printer number and branch. Can be used to help figure out if any tickets were lost due to paper jam, etc. using new inquiry, PK90.  
  8. Internal line item narratives are now created when a user changes the quantity ordered on a line item, either through order maintenance or shipping feedback.  
  9. Internal narratives are also created when a user cancels a line item, again in order maintenance or shipping feedback.  
  10. Internal line item narratives are created when a user adds a line item to an order where the pick ticket has already been printed, or to a backorder.  
  11. Internal Order narratives are now created to track quotes converted into orders.  
  12. New 4-year sales inquiries, SI55, 65 and 95.  
  13. Phone and fax number added to VI60 vendor look-up.  
  14. Option on CI50 to skip inactive ship-to's.  
  15. Automatic (batch) faxing of PO expedites for past due PO's.  
  16. Automatic (batch) emailing of PO expedites for past due PO's.  
  17. PO55 single item screen now shows the substitute item number at the bottom of the screen.  
  18. Batch files used for accounting now are keyed by their subsystem; Regular A/P, A/P P/O and G/L. This will allow you to have more batches and reduce the occasional hassle of having trouble finding open slots for new batch numbers.  
  19. Ability to unmark a receiver as being billed.  
  20. You can now do AE21 invoice maintenance by purchasing vendor.  
  21. Debit amounts can now be posted to G/L accounts other than inventory (freight, for example). To handle this, debit reasons must be declared using MM71 G/L reason cross-reference.  
  22. You can now specify a cutoff day of the month for specified A/P terms codes. This will automatically give you an extra month to pay.  
  23. Batch emailing program for statements. Based on CM-STATEMENT-FLAG=3. Run with WFL/EC/EMAIL/STATEMENTS.  

Holiday Schedule
We will be closed December 24th 25th for Christmas, and January 1st for New Years.  

Happy Holidays to All!