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December 22, 2010
  • 1099 Issue
  • User News
  • 2010 Enhancements

1099 Issue
You may have heard about the obscure provision of the Health Care Act that requires businesses to file 1099's for any vendor that you purchase over $600 from in the (calendar or fiscal?) year. This is scheduled to begin in 2011, though there is a good chance that this provision will be repealed due to the paperwork burden.

If the law is not changed, PSI will provide a program to print 1099's for vendors with purchases over X amount. X would be a parameter that you would set to 600 unless the law increases that threshold.

This report will also pick up any vendors that you explicitly have set to be 1099 vendors even if they do not meet the $600 threshold. This is done by setting the 1099 field on the vendor master to a 1.

To get a jumpstart on this problem, some distributors are sending out letters to vendors requesting a W9 form. This form shows the vendor's tax ID number. When you receive the W9 back, you should enter the tax ID number into that field on the A/P vendor master.

If a vendor exceeds the $600 threshold, then it is very important to obtain the W9 as the tax ID number is a required field on a 1099.

If it turns out that the 1099's can be submitted electronically, we will instead create a program for that, which would be easier than a 1099 print program.

Also should mention that you would not have to keep requesting W9's each year. As long as the vendor tax ID number doesn't change (which typically is infrequent unless the vendor is acquired), you're okay.

User News
Hornung's Golf Products went on Invoice Connection this year for outsourcing invoices and statements.

Laconia Electric Supply was named New Hampshire Retailer of t he Year by the Retail Merchants Assoc of New Hampshire.

Edison Equipment opened their new branch in Dayton, Ohio.

Power Plus users held a very informative user's group session this September in Downers Grove, IL. Stacey Pandeloglou of Distribution Technology Group was a guest speaker who presented overviews of various products than can or already do clip onto the Power Plus application, including Sales Matrix, NXgen Payment Processing Services, and epaCUBE pricing optimization and analogs. Their website is

Recently added new features were presented followed by a good discussion of suggested new features. Below is a recap of the new features completed in 2010. There are still a dozen or so more to do for 2011. New feature suggestions are always welcome.

Power Plus New Features 2010
General / File Maintenance

  1. Look up of WFL's by
    • WFL name
    • Module
    • Program name (lets you find what WFL(s) a program is in)
  2. Expanded item description to the 36 characters declared in the database.  
  3. Expand tax district to 6 digits to conform to standards.  
  4. Maintain a log of emails sent. Provide an inquiry into this log.  
  5. Ability to use vendor abbreviation instead of number on more of the screens that call for a vendor number.  
  6. Option to go into vendor maintenance, vendor bulletin, PO by vendor, inquiry from VI60 vendor lookup.  
  7. FM/921, run with WFL/FM/EXTRACT/CONTRACTS. Extract pricing contract records into Excel compatible format for a selected customer and vendor.  
  8. New CI65 customer inquiry by telephone number.  
  9. New IT menu screen (for IT management functions not declared on other menus).  

  10. Order Entry

  11. On EI40 inquiry, add separate subtotals based on the quantities reserved/inpicking.  
  12. SPA contract numbers are now stored on the sales order line items with option to maintain the number using the OM45 Rebate Maintenance screen. This ensures that the correct contract number in effect at order entry time is shown on the rebate report and is included in any rebate extracts.  
  13. Change OP70 manually scheduled order release so that it no longer creates the order for the next backorder upfront, rather than waiting for billing.

    The line items that are not to be shipped this time will no longer be canceled. Instead, a new flag will be added to RI-DATA to indicate they are being passed on. OI10 inquiry will be changed to show passed on the lines, and picking will be changed to skip them.  
  14. Option to allow you to reset the flag on a sales order that would allow you to then recreate the PO(s) via OP50.  
  15. If you use OP07 to track shipments by route, you can now print route manifest with screen OP65.  
  16. When void and rebills are done, create an internal order narrative that will show what the old order number was.  
  17. Add Manual Hold? Box to the OP21 screen so that RET orders can be put on manual hold. This will serve as a protection against billing the RET before specifying the quantity returned to stock or suspense.  
  18. Add "C" option to OI75 to show canceled line items. Allow for start date.  
  19. Internal line item narratives are now created when a user changes the quantity ordered on a line item, either through order maintenance or shipping feedback.  
  20. Internal narratives are also created when a user cancels a line item, again in order maintenance or shipping feedback.  
  21. Internal line item narratives are created when a user adds a line item to an order where the pick ticket has already been printed, or to a backorder.  
  22. New OI16 order inquiry by job number.  


  24. New PO65 screen for online suggested transfers.  
  25. Automatic (batch) faxing of PO expedites for past due PO's.  
  26. Automatic (batch) emailing of PO expedites for past due PO's.  
  27. Changes to cost performed via IA82 now hit the file maintenance audit trail.  


  29. New GI31 search by partial description or account number.