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December 15, 2011
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User News
BJ Electric installed the Sales Matrix software and its companion product GF Bridge. These were demonstrated at the last users meeting. According to Maureen Barsema at BJ, SM has helped “stretch our customer, sales rep, vendor and product data in ways we never experienced; telling us where the opportunities are for future growth and profit maximization…without further human resources.” The GF Bridge module assists them with “what-if” scenarios. Both products are inexpensively priced. Maureen said she’d be happy to discuss this software with interested users.

BJ also upgraded to a super fast Libra 450 server.

Idlewood Electric recently came up with an easy idea that could save sites a lot of time. We put together for them a WFL that will automatically email flyers or newsletters or whatever to their customers. The flyer can be sent directly in the body of the email or as an attachment. All you need to do is copy the html, Word, etc file to a shared directory and specify the file name in the WFL. The WFL offers selection by customer type, branch, sales rep and price class, which allows you to target the mailing to a specific group. Or, of course you can send to all customers with a valid email address loaded on their master.

The program will also pull such info from the mailing list file.

  • New OP88 screen that allows you to reserve or un-reserve an entire sales order.

  • Option to specify a uniform rebate percentage to all line items on a sales order. Some vendors do it this way.

  • Option to go to order maintenance from the OI10 and OI20 inquiry screens.

  • Option on OI20 to select orders/invoices for faxing or emailing. Also, option to go into CI30 inquiry for billed orders.

  • Internal order narratives are now created when order maintenance is done to RET type orders.

  • IFM-DATA, which is used to track inventory file maintenance changes displayed on II92, now tracks the specific screen or program that was used to make the change.

  • You can now inquire using just the part number portion of the item number on the II45, II90 and SI40 screens. (Already could to this on other inquiries).

  • By default, kits will now ship even increments of all components. For example, if 10 kits are ordered, but one of the components limits you to filling 3 whole kits, it will ship only enough of each component to fill 3 kits. You can still override this in shipping feedback.

  • Ability to go to order header maintenance from OE15, 16, 17 and 19 screens.

  • IA75 and WFL/IN/BALANCE now create an entry in IA-DATA (II90 inquiry) if the correction to the quantity reserved or inpicking affects the total on-hand.

  • II75 inquiry will now calculate the A/P balance based on purchasing (as opposed to remit-to) vendors.

  • New AI51 inquiry into payables by full or partial invoice number without having to know the vendor.

  • Receiver number now shown on AI11 inquiry.

  • AI01 inquiry now shows the balance of a vendor’s uninvoiced liabilities.

  • New AE41 screen for cancelling credit card invoices or converting them into regular invoices.

  • You can now recreate a check disbursement journal for a given check date if you’ve lost the original.

  • You can now put a PO on hold using the IA07 screen.

  • OP91 copy order screen now allows you to specify a new ship-to number, order type or department.

  • Emailed documents (invoices, quotes, statements, POs, etc) can now be sent as pdf files rather than txt files.

  • Selected WFLs can now send an external email to the system administrator if the WFL aborts.

Holiday Schedule
We will be closed December 23rd and 26th for Christmas, with limited hours on January 2nd for New Years. Please enjoy your holidays.