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December 31, 2012
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User News
Several sites upgraded to new Libra 450/460 systems in 2012, Hornungís Golf Products, LaSalle Company, and Brock-McVey.

Idlewood Electric Supply also ordered a Libra that should be installed shortly.

Brock-McVey replaced the Fax Module with Rightfax. The way this works is that if a user enters a fax number on the EMAIL screen, the system sends an email to the Rightfax server. Then, Rightfax converts the email to a fax.

BJ Electric Supply installed the Global Financial Bridge product from Sales Matrix. They had already installed the Sales Matrix software, which has proved very helpful in finding areas to improve on sales and profitability performance.

Total support calls, faxes and emails came to 939 in 2012, a slight 2% reduction from 2011.

Enhancements Completed in 2012 (Release 7.7)
  1. Several DMS sets for RM, RI, and RC-DATA have been redefined so that they will function properly on the 5.5 Unisys release of DMS.

    This change also makes these tables easier to link in SQL and DMINQ.

  2. Trade Service interface changed to accommodate unit prices and costs over $9999 that have recently started.

  3. A new scrolling method for ship-to maintenance (FM34/35 screens). Makes it easier to delete, change to inactive, etc for accounts with a lot of ship-toís.

  4. A log of major update programs ran is now maintained in the database. Can be looked at using the new PLOG screen.

  5. Email address has been added to the mailing list file.

  6. New programs that allow you to maintain price matrices via Excel.
    WFL/FM/EXTRACT/MATRIX (FM/824) for downloading to Excel and
    WFL/FM/UPDATE/MATRIX from Excel (FM/825).

  7. Option to select inside sales rep on OI60 Orders on Hold inquiry.

  8. Option to select on-hold orders only on OI75 Unfilled Orders inquiry.

  9. Option to force item substitution at end of order entry rather than waiting until picking.

  10. OM45 now allows you to adjust the rebate only without changing the reorder cost.

  11. Order maintenance changes to RET order line items will now generate line item narratives tracking such changes.

  12. Sales orders with deposits can no longer be cancelled unless the miscellaneous deposit line has been cancelled first.

  13. New ďAĒ for accounting format option on the OI10 inquiry.

  14. If you use OM35 to change the order type on a sales order from or to DIR, it will now also change the purchase order from or to a DIR, adjusting the vendor on-order balances, etc.

  15. The Suspense Inventory report was enhanced to show the PO or inventory adjustment data that accounts for the quantity in suspense.

  16. Transfers created via OP80 or OE/044 will now store certain info about the end customerís sales order in the line item narrative. These narratives then print on the transfer pick ticket.

  17. The AI21, A/P invoice inquiry by PO number, now gives you the option of going into the AI11, IA91 or II40 screens for any records.

  18. The AP/601 Vendor Balances report now gives the option of displaying the description of the vendorís terms.

  19. The CI90 inquiry enhanced to:
    1. Give the option of selecting by sales rep
    2. Giving a list of past due customers only.

  20. New screens for mass maintenance to pricing contracts and matrices. Avoids having to go into CANDE to run WFLs. .